Cameras, Coffee and your story! 


    My story begins with the drive to create and capture people in a way that is natural to their story. Constantly inspired by the search of perfection and imperfection, nothing makes me happier than creating. I was born and raised in Florida and traveled regularly to West Virginia with my grandparents, Which is prodably where my love of traveling comes from. Always remember having a camera, even as a little kid, that blue "Fisher-Price" camera was everything! Then I picked up a Polaroid, which still has a sweet spot in my heart. Now I either have a Nikon or Fuji in hand! I'm a strong believer in 'story is king' the camera is just the tool used to capture and effectively communicate the story, your story! Meeting new people and having the ability to express their essence in a portrait is a huge part of what keeps me going...aside from great coffee of course! Tell me your story and together we will create beautiful imagery! 

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